Hello Fall! Maple Pecan Frappuccino

So, lately, I’ve been hitting the books, unable to post anything new. However, I do manage to explore a bit of New York and what the city has to offer. My latest venture? Continue reading “Hello Fall! Maple Pecan Frappuccino”


Vegan ‘White’ Mac n’ Cheese

So, as you may be aware, I’m on a journey to becoming fully vegan and so, whenever I make new meals, I’d often take a photo of it (just to keep track). Well, I made vegan mac n’ cheese.  Continue reading “Vegan ‘White’ Mac n’ Cheese”

Top Five Cities to Visit in the U.S.

Planning to visit the U.S.? We all are. What we love about America is well the lights, the many opportunities and the fact that everything that we ever want to do or be all stems from America. It’s not like the other countries aren’t great, but what about them that makes them great? America is truly the country of all countries and there are just a couple of cities there that you must visit. Well, at least this is my list of cities that you must visit in America.
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Creamy Potatoes: You Should Try This!

On Monday night, I decided to go ahead and try my hand at making some creamy potatoes. I wasn’t so sure how the turn-out would be but I happened to love what I tasted. Of course, this recipe is vegan (and quite simple) so if you’re not sure what to make, start out with this. Continue reading “Creamy Potatoes: You Should Try This!”

Tofurky Slices: Are They Good?

It’s truly the best thing to go vegan, but it’s even harder when you’re living in a country where vegan products are scarce. The good news is that veganism is now becoming a more prominent lifestyle and many supermarkets are broadening their spectrum to embrace it. Continue reading “Tofurky Slices: Are They Good?”