Top Five Cities to Visit in the U.S.

Planning to visit the U.S.? We all are. What we love about America is well the lights, the many opportunities and the fact that everything that we ever want to do or be all stems from America. It’s not like the other countries aren’t great, but what about them that makes them great? America is truly the country of all countries and there are just a couple of cities there that you must visit. Well, at least this is my list of cities that you must visit in America.


Chicago Aerial View

When I think of Chicago, I think of the episode of ‘Victorious’ where Tori’s sister, Trina hosts a one-woman play. I mean, in her play the character was so excited to be in Chicago. Also, when I think of Chicago, I think of ‘Shake it Up’, the Disney series of two girls who get to star on a T.V. show as a part of a dance team. There are so many things that I think of when I think of Chicago that there is just not enough words to describe it. Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and it is the most popular as well as the most beautiful city that Illinois has to offer.

Chicago is the go-to place when you think of going to see different styles of architecture or to just look for museums and galleries. Chicago is a city filled with color, art, and expenditure. It is a place to shop and dream. When you want something out of the ordinary, Chicago is the place to go. You’ll be looking at a city filled with gardens, parks, museums, restaurants, fashion, art, and more. It is truly a dream city.

Chicago is well-known for housing over forty different museums. One of its museums, The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the leading museums in the world with over three hundred thousand works exhibited. In Chicago, it is pretty easy to find a hotel for a quiet comfortable stay. These hotels offer state of the art architecture as well as breathtaking views of the city. Chicago boasts many of its hotels to be on the lists of major travel publications and two of Chicago’s well-known hotels are W Hotel Lakeshore and Trump International Hotel.

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