Tofurky Slices: Are They Good?

It’s truly the best thing to go vegan, but it’s even harder when you’re living in a country where vegan products are scarce. The good news is that veganism is now becoming a more prominent lifestyle and many supermarkets are broadening their spectrum to embrace it.

Today, I decided to do a review on Tofurky Sandwich Slices. I needed something to make breakfast with, especially sandwiches and I happened to stumble upon Tofurky Slices. I also had Tofutti Mozzarella Cheese Slices (also Vegan), but I wanted to do a review on the slices for one reason: they are sooo goood!

Yes, they are. I’m not the one to tell people “it tastes like the real thing” because more than often, it doesn’t, but when I tried this in a sandwich, I was astonished. I literally had to re-read the package to make sure that it was vegan because it tastes just like the actual thing.

Eaten by itself, however, you can taste the difference. Tofurky Slices does have that ‘tofu aftertaste’ but its not as bad and plus, it was intended for sandwiches.

If you’re vegan and you’re looking for deli slices to make the perfect sandwich, I suggest you try out Tofurky brand.


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