The Girl on the Go: Working Bag Edition

Hey there, It’s been a long time.

This one is dedicated to my fashionista-slash-artist who’s constantly on the move, working or hustling. Whichever category you fall in I hope that this post can be of some assistance to you.

What’s in My Work Bag

After visiting YouTube, I got some inspiration: If you can’t be organized, pretend. It would help you. I went on a little inner reflection and realized that there are some essentials that were missing from my work bag.

My entire bag was helter-skelter, and I needed some sort of organization in there so that I could easily access what I need and without personal product spilling out of my bag. So, I scavenged my room for pouches that I would assign tasks in order to keep my bag neat.

I’ll go through them with you now (including pics) and then later down in the year expect a surprise post.

So the first tip: an essentials pouch.

My Essentials Pouch
Bag: Mary Kay Makeup Bag I received in High School
Color: Black

Here are some items I carry in my essentials pouch.

Hair Pins and Sewing Essentials
On the Left: A few bobby Pins and a hair clip
On the Right: Needles, safety pins, and a needle threader

Other Essentials

Above in the left-hand corner, I carry

  • Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
  • Hask Monoi Coconut Nourishing Shine Hair Oil (get it here),
  • Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara,
  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Nahz Fur Atoo (get it here or here at Sephora),
  • NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Clear (get it here), and
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Other things that I carry in my pouch are some Kleenex Tissues (upper right corner), and hair bands (lower left Corner).

(Please note that Maybelline is not cruelty-free and I’m planning on investing in a new clear mascara that is cruelty-free. If you have any suggestions leave it in the comment below). 

Other essentials that I carry that are not shown here are my feminine products as well as a deodorant.

The Second Tip: The Pencil Case

I’m a sucker for pencil cases. I think that it’s handy for the working girl on-the-go, the artist or the business woman. I’m a combination of all three so a pencil case for me is a must-have. 20170329_075024.jpg

Here is a list of things I keep in my pencil case.

My Pens
Yes, I love my pens

From left to right I carry a Sharpie fine point pen in black, Pilot G-2 Pink Ink 0.7mm, Pilot G-2 Black Ink in 1.0mm, Pilot G-2 Blue Ink 0.7mm, Pilot G-2 Black Ink 0.5mm and in 0.7mm, and lastly Uniball Signo Red Ink in 0.7mm.

My 'Fun' Pens

I also love gel pens and colored pens, but I can’t always carry them with me so I carry a select few. I have Bazic Fluorescent Gel Pen in pink, Uniball Impact Gold Gel Pen in 1.0mm, Sharpie Marker in Neon Pink, and White Sharpie Paint Marker in White. I’m swapping my White Sharpie for Uniball Signo White Ink Gel Pen 1.0mm.

I also have a Ticonderoga Noir Pencil
Other Supplies
I carry a glue stick and a small scissors (and 6″ ruler not shown here) in my pencil case

At the Front

At the front of my pencil case, I usually carry a correction tape, a few paper clips, a small pink highlighter, a mini stapler, eraser, and sharpener.

The brand stapler that I use is Swingline. This particular one allows you to carry extra staples in a hidden compartment of the bottom of it and it also has a built-in staple remover. Also, I love black erasers as they erase cleaner and neater. I used to love white-out pens (still do), but I find that the correction tape (especially Universal brand) is much neater and easier to apply.

The Third Tip: Having a Tech Bag

I also have a tech bag where I just carry my phone charger, headphones, and a small calculator.


This is my favorite part. These above items that you see also go in my work bag and they are essential to me as an aspiring designer. In my bag pocket, I usually carry some easy to get to items for writing and signing documents on the go.

My journal and my art journal are very important to me as well as my retractable measuring tape (anything can happen), my mirror as well as my EOS lip balm. (The EOS lip balm is not considered cruelty-free by PETA as it is sold in China but I’ll give it a pass as the company itself does not support animal testing and they nor to any factory, they are associated with tests on animals).


As with my journals, I find that its so important to have a small notebook to write down numbers, emails and other information that is useful as well as a mini planner to track my day and make future plans.


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