Journaling 101: The Address Book

It’s kind of hard to keep track of time, isn’t it and with all this technology going around, we don’t need to use manual storage in order to save our information.
Our next doctor’s appointment, a friend’s number, or even or next test can all be scheduled with one touch of a button. So here are some types of journaling that may not be far from you, but you should still know anyway.

Address Books

Now of these days, we are technologically sound so when you hear address book you probably begin to freak out. Oh well, I have my phone and I can easily store information there. But more than often, your phone gets lost and sometimes you lose important numbers and e-mails. By having an address book, you can store numbers in it and keep it at a safe place in your home.

In an address book, there are a few things that you will have: a person’s full name; their mailing address and where they live; their number whether it be cell, personal, work or home; their e-mail address whether it is personal or work; where they work or go to school may be included; their birthdays; and sometimes website pages if they have one. That may seem like a lot of information to carry around on you, but the good news is that you’re not carrying it around on you. You have all this information on your phone which you carry around. You have the hardcopy at home in cases of emergency.

Social Media Sites and Electronic Storing

You know one thing about social media sites that a lot of us don’t know? They act as journals. Websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and Instagram are different ways to document your life. Of course, these are public forums so you ought to be careful exactly what you put on these sites, but many employers and schools may use these sites to check out the type of person that you are before they hire you or before they accept you into their schools.

It is important that you treat these media sites like a journal that you would want others to read. It is entertaining, fun, and a way to have people get to know you better all while making friends. But it is also a way where others can get an accurate background check on you so you want to put things on it that puts you in a positive light as well. There are ways that you can prevent prying eyes from seeing what you put up by making your accounts private.

Your computer and your phone can act as a journal that stores things that you love to do. You can store pictures, music, videos and audio clips and it is just about the same thing as a journal. All those pictures are records of your life from the time you got that phone. And each picture tells a story. Text messages that are archived and also e-mails that are archived can also be used as journals.



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