Exotic Fruits found in the Americas

Whenever you’re traveling, you would always want to find out about the culture and dishes of the place that you’re visiting. Trying something new is on the top of everyone’s bucket list when it comes to traveling. Here are some fruits you can try when traveling to the Americas.


Where it is From: The pitaya, also known as the dragon fruit, can be found throughout Asia, North America, and South America. It is believed that it was originally native to Mexico.

What it is: Dragon fruits come in three different colors: red, yellow, and Costa Rican. The red are a bright magenta on the outside with a yellow flesh on the inside. The yellow ones are yellow both inside and out and the Costa Rican ones are magenta on the inside and out.

Why you should Try It: Dragon fruits have a sweet fragrance and a sweet flavor similar to kiwis.



Where it is From: The physalis is from South America.

What it is: The yellow fruit is enclosed in a papery husk and it is a part of the nightshade family thus being closely related to tomatoes.

Why you should Try It: The physalis is prepared much like tomatoes as it tastes very similar. One popular way to eat physalis is in a sauce with pasta.



Where it is From: Salmonberries are native to the west coast of North America.

What it is: The salmonberry looks like raspberries but they are more orange in color.
Why you should Try It: They are used and prepared in the same way as raspberries and are sweet when eaten raw. Some ways to prepare salmonberries is by turning it into a juice, wine, candies or a jam.salmonberries


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