Write a Résumé (Step 2: Pt. 2)

Continuation of: Writing a Résumé Step 2

Using the Header

The header is used for you to write all your contact information. Do this on both the cover letter and then at the end of the letter put a page break. This next page is your résumé and the same header will be used. First, go to insert, select headers and use the blank (three column header). Put the cursor in front of the first ‘Type Here’ (make sure it is not selected) and press ‘enter’. Now put the cursor above it, under the home tab click center alignment and write your name.

Select the first ‘Type Here’ at the left of the page and write your e-mail, in the middle write your contact number and the last write your website (if you have any). If not write your address. Remember your address will also be in the letter. After you have finished, set your name to 18 point font size and your contact information at 13 point font size. Bold your name and your contact information.

Using the Mailings Tab and Mail Merge

resume 3

When it comes to writing, you have to know how to use the mail merge for the cover letter and the résumé. The mail merge is mostly important for the résumé. The first thing you do is create a spreadsheet on excel that looks similar to the above. Ignore the headings ‘employer’, ‘address’, and ‘contact’. This is simply to help you understand what each heading is. ‘ZZZ Company’ is here because this is one for only one company, however, if you are applying to several different companies, you might ignore this and insert a column before ‘title’ entitled ‘Company name’.

Next, fill in the necessary information in each column. The column ‘title’, ‘last’, and ‘first’ refers to the name of the employer for example ‘President John Rhymer’. You fill in this information with all titles under ‘Title’, all last names under ‘Last Name’ and so on. Do this corresponding to the company names under the column ‘Company Name’. Each row corresponds to a particular company.

Save the excel worksheet and now go back to the Microsoft Word that contains your cover letter and your résumé. Go to the tab called ‘mailings’. Under mailings you will see a button called ‘Select Recipients’ with an arrow going down. Under the list select ‘use an existing list’. This will give you a list of the data sources that you have. Find your excel sheet, select it, then select sheet one (or whatever you have named the sheet).

Now, you will see that some of the other buttons have become active. Go up to your cover sheet and select the placeholder that you have used for the last name of the employer, go to the ‘Insert merge field’ and select ‘last’. Do this for the others such as ‘title’, ‘first’ all the addresses and contacts. You must do each individually. When completed, go to ‘Finish and Merge’ and select ‘edit individual documents. On a separate Microsoft Word you will see all your résumés and cover letters to each individual copy.


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