How to: Write a Résumé (Step 2: Pt. 1)

The first thing that you need to do after drafting up your cover letter and jotting down your achievements and skills, is to write the actual résumé. Microsoft Word has templates in order to get you started on your résumé journey. The style of the résumé is important as you don’t want something that is overwhelming, but you want something that is unique. The first thing that you need to do is write down your contact information. Your e-mail, website (if you have one), active phone number and active address must be included.

The largest of all the prints must be your name at fourteen to twenty point size. The second largest should be your contact information. Remember, you want the company to contact you so if they cannot see your contact information, they wouldn’t bother. This should also be bold. The smallest print should be the rest of the information at twelve point font size.

Your résumé may include a small summary. This is a small paragraph of not more than four short sentences stating your goals in obtaining the job and that goal is to help the company move forward and to learn from it. You want to make yourself appear teachable and willing to learn and you must want to help the company move further because after all, flattery works the best.

The rest of your résumé should be prepared in a ‘bullet-pint’ style listing each skill, each school and the degree that associates with it, and each achievement, club, and workshop on a line on its own. Each ‘unrelated’ point should have an empty line separating it for example your high school and your diploma that you received may be on separate lines, but it should not be separated whereas your high school information and your college information should be separated by an empty line.

Keeping Up with Résumé Tradition

The traditional résumé must be in black and white (black ink against white paper) but this is because contrasting colors are easier to see and read and black and white is easier on the eyes. So, making your résumé stand out is totally on the cover letter and the design correlation between the cover letter and the résumé should be related.

Your designs can come in a variety of colors and your style should be helpful. The best way to get your name and contact information seen is by placing it in the header and if you have to go over one page, you won’t have to worry about repeating the information again. Also, using a line to separate your contact information and your résumé body is helpful and that line can come in any color that you’d like. My ideology is that you use color combinations and styles that are also the same color combinations of the company that you are applying for.

The font should and must be black and the paper used must be the standard white letter size paper (8.5” by 11”). You might want to keep in mind that you have to apply for several different jobs at once so I suggest using Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel (use the latter) to store your information so that you would not have to write over several different résumés.

See: How to Write a Résumé


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